Incredible Discoveries: Where There is Smoke There is Fire

I have a tendency to believe where there is smoke, there is fire. It doesn’t mean for sure there the fire is where you think it is but there is fire nonetheless. I am a guy that tends to run a different direction if I see smoke coming my way. If you must deal with smoke, go work with a fire you started, not smoke that is coming from someone or somewhere else! Think and look carefully or you might get burned!

Let me give you an example. Every city has some rough areas known for being dangerous for one reason or another. If you know an area is dangerous and yet you are foolhardy to try to look for gold and silver-lining in these areas, you better be knowledgeable and be prepared to take the risk of going into such areas.

It doesn’t mean every person or every store in that area is bad but if you are not an expert in that area, why bother? There are plenty of nicer and safer places to visit.

And so, the infomercial business is the same way. It doesn’t mean every character in the infomercial business is bad news but unless you have done your homework on the infomercial business by checking several companies out, their references, credentials, references, and so forth, you are asking to be greatly disappointed on the outcome.

You might want to read these sites:

I obviously cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information on these sites but they are interesting reading.

I should note that I am not particularly happy with the entire contents of what I wrote to plastered  on these sites because the information can change or be updated. I also don’t want my information to be taken out of context.


Is There Negative Karma at Work Here?

One of the things I find quite peculiar in my research for this webpage is the passionate intensity of hate directed towards the “Incredible Discoveries” group of companies. While there are many corporate entities centered around 2001 W. Sample Rd, Suite 101, Pompano Beach, FL and those that registered agent and attorney Patricia Klein appears to represent, my feeling is that it comes down to a very small group of core individuals that this “hate” is being directed to, all of it related to the infomercial business.

It seems that new ventures with new corporate entities are being launched every year. If they are so successful, why are they always moving on to something new? Why not build on past successes with the same companies? There also appears to be corporate entities that get shut down or otherwise “discarded” over time.

What is it that they are doing that compels either (presumably) disgruntled ex-employees or ex-clients to pursue them so relentlessly and mercilessly with such revealing information and inflammatory accusations?

Most of the information I have on this webpage was first brought to me by others and I subsequently did the bulk of my own independent research on Google,, and I have tried to be objective but admittedly my writing has a slant towards the negative because I am simply suspicious. I have been upfront with this since Day 1.

I believe in karma. Somehow and some way, these folks have generated an intense amount of negative karma. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to be caught up in someone else’s ongoing onslaught of negative karma?

It seems like every 5-6 months, someone has to send me information that piques my interest enough to update this webpage. I am a big believer of karma and that a greater good is being served by my informing others of my findings and letting others draw their own conclusions.


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