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Matthew Chan and Oscar Michelen

Since ELI was launched in 2008, ELI (through the collective efforts of Oscar Michelen, myself, and the ELI Community) has been quoted and mentioned several times as a leading reputable source of anti-troll information regarding stock photo extortion letters by various bloggers, writers, commentators, and news sites. We have been at the forefront in aggressively defending victims of wrongful, egregious, and misleading extortion letters. We have endured criticisms, insults, complaints, false accusations, legal threats, and even a lawsuit from unhappy copyright extortionists for doing what we do.

However, there are many who have recommended and recognized the many contributions ELI has made. Each and every source we list below was entirely unsolicited. (This list is incomplete and will be periodically updated.)

Media & Press Coverage of ELI’s Lawsuit Battle (Chan v. Ellis) Against Dash Poet, Linda Ellis (Copyright Extortionist). [ELI won.]

From 2015

Tom Crawford’s Georgia Report (April 8, 2015)

Ga. Supreme Court hands down ‘poetic’ justice in stalking case

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Digest (April 6, 2015)

Georgia Supreme Court Holds Message Board Comments Are Not Stalking

 Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Deeplinks (April 2, 2015)

Censorship Order That Threatened Websites and Message Boards Overturned

Courthouse News (April 2, 2015)

Georgia Supremes Deal Defeat to ‘The Dash’ Poet (April 2, 2015)

Commentary on Chan v. Ellis, a Restraining Order Appeal Recently Decided by the Georgia Supreme Court

Techdirt (April 1, 2015)

Georgia Supreme Court: No, Writing Mean Things About Copyright Trolling By Linda Ellis Is Not ‘Stalking’

Washington Post – Volokh Conspiracy (March 31, 2015)

Harsh public speech about a person isn’t ‘stalking,’ says Georgia Supreme Court (March 30, 2015)

A Victory for Free Speech: Matthew Chan Prevails in His First Amendment Appeal of a Lifetime Restraining Order

Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog (March 29, 2015)

GA Supreme Court Fixes Overbroad Injunction Against Message Board Operator–Chan v. Ellis

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (March 27, 2015)

Georgia Supreme Court overturns stalking order against website owner

Daily Report (March 27, 2015) [Requires Registration to view]

Georgia Justices Toss Stalking Order Against Critic of ‘Dash’ Poet

WXIA 11 Alive (March 27, 2015)

GA Supreme Court rules online criticisms were ‘free speech,’ not cyberstalking

From 2014

Restraining Order Abuse (November 1, 2014)

Criminalizing Criticism: Restraining Orders, the First Amendment, and Chan v. Ellis

Daily Report (October 8, 2014) [Requires Registration to view]

Justices Explore if Internet Speech Can Be Stalking by Alyson M. Palmer

Washington Post – Volokh Conspiracy (September 9, 2014)

Amicus brief in Chan v. Ellis, where a judge ordered a Web site operator to remove all posts about a particular person by Eugene Volokh

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Digest (July 30, 2014)

Georgia Supreme Court Takes Chan v. Ellis Appeal to Redefine First Amendment Right on the Internet by Yixuan Long

Restraining Order Abuse (July 23, 2014)

A Case of Restraining Order Excess That’s Headed to the Georgia Supreme Court

Ars Technica (July 21, 2014)

GA Supreme Court will consider sweeping gag order against anti-troll site by Joe Mullin

Fight Copyright Trolls (July 17, 2014)

Court of appeals orders Georgia censorship case transferred to Georgia Supreme Court by SJD

From 2013

Digital Medial Law Project (DMLP)

Chan v. Ellis (Last updated November 5, 2013)

Alex Jones’ InfoWars (March 27, 2013)

Court Ruling Threatens Internet First Amendment Freedom. by Kurt Nimmo

Alex Jones’ Prison Planet (March 27, 2013)

Court Ruling Threatens Internet First Amendment Freedom. by Kurt Nimmo

Daily Dot (March 27, 2013)

Court hits anti-copyright-troll website with censorship order by Kevin Collier

Ars Technica (March 27, 2013)

“I made some stupid posts”: Anti-troll site gagged after threats against poet by Timothy B. Lee

Techdirt (March 27, 2013)

Georgia State Court Issues Censorship Order Blocking Free Speech On Anti-Copyright Troll Message Board by Mike Masnick

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Deeplinks (March 26, 2013)

Georgia Court Censorship Order Threatens Message Boards Everywhere. by Kurt Opsahl

Fight Copyright Trolls (March 23, 2013)

Copyright troll Linda Ellis succeeds in censoring her outspoken critic, the founder of by SJD


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