My Position on State Bar Complaints & Attorney General Complaints Against Lawyers

After recording a series of short videos yesterday, I felt the need to make a video to give a clarification of my position of using and making State Bar Complaints and Attorney General Complaints against those Lawyers whose sleazy legal tactics cross the line in doing their so-called jobs.

Lawyers don’t get to abuse their powers in their letter-writing. They don’t get to lie or exaggerate rampantly. They don’t get to over-twist and over-bend the law to their liking. And they have a certain code of conduct, they should follow. No one can really stop what they do. But we, as non-lawyers, can fight back in a very potent and forceful manner to get them to back the frak off. Like any good weapon, power should be used responsibility and with discretion, not trivially. I have written this before but if someone wants take what I have said out of context, I get angry.

In this video, you will see I get a bit angry to the point I trip over my tongue and words a bit. But I think most of you will get my meaning.


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