Reality Steve Lawsuit Video Commentary with Matthew Chan

At long last, I made my first and long overdue video commentary on the “Reality Steve Lawsuit”. This morning, I felt a priority to produce some ELI-related videos to support my existing blog posts. After I was done with those four other videos, I figured since I was already dressed up and the video camcorder was already positioned and mounted, I would go ahead and quickly shoot a video commentary for my “Reality Steve Lawsuit” followers.

I should warn you that I didn’t have any notes or an outline as I had planned weeks ago. Given that, I give fair warning the entire video was done spontaneously and hurriedly. You can tell because I step on my tongue a few times. There are some incomplete sentences where I just “jump” to another sentence or topic altogether. That is what happens when your brain goes faster than your mouth and you don’t prepare ahead of time. So I am sorry about that.

The one thing I did like about doing the video is that it was far quicker to do record and produce the video than to write the long commentaries and analyses I normally do. So, that is a small incentive for me to do future “Reality Steve Lawsuit” updates using video.  We will see how it goes.

I don’t record videos as much as I should. I think it is a better way to connect with my readers. If nothing else, it is a change of pace than having to type out a long article or commentary.

I don’t have anything new to report in this video. It is mostly a video where I re-introduce myself to you and tell you how I ended up getting involved as the only independent blogger (in recent months) to report and cover the Reality Steve Lawsuit. Click on on the link to get yourself caught up if you are new around here.

Hope you enjoy the video. Last thing, if I get boo’ed out of the room, it might be a long time before I do another video commentary.  🙂







  1. Hi Matthew-
    I see you haven’t blogged anything since Reality Steve has settled with the Bachelor/ette Franchise.
    I was wondering if you were going to blog anything about Reality Steves settlement.

    I kind of find it upsetting Steve said he made no contacts with any contestants and didn’t pay any of them. Know after the settlement Steve comes out and says he did email previous contestants but; they never responded back to him. To me this is still contacting contestants even though they didn’t respond back. I still consider Steve lied to his readers.

    I would love to know if you would have stood by his side like you did if you would have know the truth that Steve contacted contestants from the show.

    I will be waiting anxiously to hear what you have to say.

    Thank You

    • Hello Susie,

      Thanks for asking my opinion but I don’t really believe my opinion is any more significant than anyone else’s in this situation. Everyone has a different perspective on his situation and the outcome. Now that his lawsuit is settled and over, everyone needs to put it behind them, forget about it, and not dwell on it. I am happy for Steve that he has settled his lawsuit. It is good for him and he can now move on with his life. I was “involved” longer than I should have been. I got caught up with the drama of it all when I shouldn’t have but I did learn a lot from the experience. I really don’t have much I want to write anymore regarding the Reality Steve lawsuit except that I am glad it’s over.

      There were things I knew that many people didn’t know. There were many things I was dark on just like everyone else. Don’t read too much into those two statements either good or bad. I know I have not really answered your question but I have my own reasons for that. Sorry.

      The best thing I can say is that everyone should just put it all behind them because very few people will get the answers they want. Some things will have to remain a mystery.

      I wish you and all the Reality Steve readers who followed what I wrote well. Nearly everyone from his readership was kind and respectful to me and I greatly appreciated that very much. I will remember it fondly.

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