Where I Come From $75,000 Buys a Lot

I always tell people that where I come from $75,000 cash buys a lot of almost anything you want. I use $75,000 because it did not take long for this number to come up in my negotiations with Incredible Discoveries. The analogy is that whether you are talking $25,000, $50,000, or even $75,000, you might want to think of your alternatives. But if you are determined to have a one-track mind or let someone talk you into a single track without thinking first and checking things first, then you kind of deserve what happens to you.

If you have to mortgage your house, raid your savings or retirement account, or dig deep into your credit cards or credit lines, to come up with the money to engage business, I would say you might want to say “Whoa Nelly” and scale back your project. But there are some people who have a “do-or-die” or “bet the house” mentality. Those people may win big or they may lose big. If you have that mindset and you lose, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Other people have easy access to the money. But just because you can easily access it, does that mean you have to easily hand it over to a business stranger? But if you can afford to it and don’t mind occasionally gambling then go for it. After all, there are some high rollers in this world. But if you were a high roller, wouldn’t you want to work with a more well-known establishment with impeccable and indisputable credentials? Just my thinking here.


Invest in Media (TV & Radio) Publicity Education

If you are aching to spend money to get on TV, I would recommend you first order these books from Amazon. For less than $80, you can buy ALL of these great books and get smarter about how TV and radio work with guests who want to promote their books and products. These are excellent books that will give you insights about getting on TV and radio.

I have personally read each book and found the information quite valuable. Becoming a guest on TV and radio is far more reputable and credible than infomericials anyday. The best part of it all is that it is FREE. You do not pay to be a guest on TV or radio. You simply give your time. If you want to spend money, then I would hire a reputable publicist. Two reputable publicists I know are:

If you have the money to spend on an infomercial, you are going to get wondrous results from good publicists who actually teach you a few things along the way.

I have ordered three books on the infomercial business. I cannot tell you if I recommend them yet. But if you are curious to what I ordered, they are:

I never planned to order these books but since I am preparing to get on TV & Radio myself next year as a media guest plus all the research I’ve put into this information page, I figured I may as well get more educated into the inner workings of the infomercial business.


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