O2 Media Unhappy with “Incredible Discoveries Information Page”

This page can never seem to die because something new always has to turn up. In a routine search of my name on Google, I discovered that O2 Media mentioned me in their article, False Scam Allegations Against O2 Media.

In particular, I am commenting on their snippet pasted here.

Another person who has made reference to us and the allegations from these former employees is Matthew Chan (www.matthewchan.com). The amount of time he has devoted to posting negative lies about 02 Media is incredible, particularly in light of the fact that he has never once asked for the other side of the story, making his information both wrong, uninformed and erroneous. We have offered Mr. Chan the opportunity to speak with us or visit us to conduct a fair and balanced investigation as he claims he does, (based on the fact he has had such an interest in reporting information about us), but he has refused to take us up on the offer or speak to the list of satisfied companies who have worked with us. Yet despite his continued nonresponse to our invitation to come and investigate us personally, he doesn’t hesitate to ask for money from people “who would love to support him in his investigations.” He says on his blog about us, “The extensive time and hard work put into this information page has been entirely voluntary. The articles and editorials presented here is information I have diligently researched, gathered, and openly shared the last 2+ years. At the suggestion of one our readers, I have set up a PayPal Donation Button for those of you who wish to show your thanks…” Again we invite Mr. Chan to use some of those “donations” to come and investigate us and the allegations he continues to post.

They have made some comments that are inaccurate and out of context. The true context of everything I have written is right on this page. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read it for all its glory: my imperfect grammar, my punctuation errors, and my bad writing.

Point #1. They keep claiming that my information comes from former disgruntled employees. That is only partially true. It is true that I have had a few ex-employees contact me. But more importantly, I have actually spoken to several defendants in various court cases that are listed online. I have also spoken to dissatsified customers that have reached out to me and emailed or faxed their information to me. I have written complaints submitted to the Florida Attorney General’s office. This is not fiction I am creating.

Point #2. They keep saying I am telling lies about O2 Media. What lies? The court cases and their corporate entity information are laid out plainly by the State of Florida. I am relaying what others have reported to me. O2 Media is a related company to Incredible Discoveries which is why it is even being discussed in this Information Page. The complaint forums are loaded with upset customers. It is true there might be some inaccurate information that have slipped through the cracks but there is a very common theme that recurs. That is why I wrote several editorials and commentaries here. They are just my opinions. You do what you want with it. Ignore or pay attention, it is your life.

Point #3. It is true that I have never asked the “other side” of the story. However, I have no reason to disbelieve the numerous people I have communicated with. There are too many similarities in the stories especially regarding the large amounts of cash money paid in. Also keep in mind when I started this column, it was about their previous operation “Incredible Discoveries”. It is possible O2 Media may have cleaned up their act along the way. But in my opinion, their mile-long trail of corporate entities and court cases that go back 15 years gives me no reason to believe they would change their pattern of behavior much. They have simply done a better job cleaning up after themselves and putting on a nice front. Again, only my opinion. But it is possible they deliver what they say. If you don’t mind taking a chance to drop $25,000 to $75,000 to launch your product because you are too lazy to learn more about the infomercial industry or get quotes from other companies, more power to you. After all, your baby could never be ugly, right?

Point #4. My interest in reporting this began when Incredible Discoveries blew smoke up my tailpipe about how wonderful my books were and tried to get me to pay them $75,000 for an infomercial. This is fact and indisputable because I was on the phone. I am going to spend $75,000 to sell $25 books? That is why I became interested in them and when I wrote about it in my blog, information started coming in. Very simple. I have no way of proving this but if I had given them $75,000, I believe I would have joined the large number of upset people that have complained to me.

Point #5. I did have a Paypal Donation box. Unfortunately, no one donated. (This was originally on the MatthewChan.com website where there are no Paypal Donations.) I wish someone did because O2 Media is right about one thing. I have put in an inordinate amount of time on this page over time. Not so much nowadays but when this started up, I did. But I wanted to find out more information about them so I went digging. Fortunately, the State of Florida and their corporation and court reporting system makes it very easy. I still do not get any compensation for this, I wish I did. Only penniless “thank you’s” along the way.

Point #6. The continued “non-response” I am accused of does not single O2 Media out. I provide non-responses to anyone who tries to call or email me and asks dumb questions like “What do you think about Incredible Discoveries or O2 Media?” or “Can you answer some questions about them for me?” Duh. This page covers most of what I know and think. I routinely ignore calls and emails on the subject because I don’t want to be involved. The rest is up to the reader to decide. I don’t have a vested interest in anyone’s project.

Those are my 6 points to set the record straight.


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