O2 Media President-CEO Emails Letter to Matthew Chan

On October 24, 2009, I was emailed a letter from O2 Media President/CEO, Gerald M. Czarnecki. I subsequently received the identical letter via Certified Mail. The letter is self-explanatory. In the interest of transparency, I will respond to him in publicly in a letter posted here.


Matthew Chan Responds to O2 Media President/CEO in Open Letter

Dear Mr. Czarnecki,

I received your PDF letter via email and I have mixed feelings about it. I suppose I should be flattered that this relatively small information page has attracted so much attention from various people including yourself. However, as I have repeatedly said, I don’t find it good use of my time in dealing with this page but somehow it never dies.

Let me start by saying that I have no particular axe to grind with anyone. If you read my story, then you know this whole thing started out when Incredible Discoveries sought me out and within one conversation asked for $75,000 from some person I never met before with a website I never heard of before. Does that strike to you as a bit strange and suspicious? I did.

I posted this on my blog and I began receiving information to investigate further which I did. The results of my investigation are outlined on this website.

You will also find that in all my reporting, I have NEVER accused anyone of “scamming”. I know I have NEVER heard of your name prior to today and hence, can make no judgments or opinions about you. I never even heard of O2 Media prior to September 20, 2007 when I received, via email, a copy of Bob Danoff’s written retraction. I have repeatedly said that I do not have first-hand knowledge beyond what I have researched in public records, the Internet, and what has been reported to me.

For the record, I have even taken issue with an anonymous poster who have taken the contents of this column and reposted it elsewhere on the Internet taking my reporting and comments out of context.

Regarding Harry Schulman, I do not recall receiving any communication from him but perhaps he did contact me and I forgot. I am not certain because I receive so many emails on a daily basis. Assuming he was contacting me to offer a testimonial, it still does not change my findings and data gathered from this long list of information reputable sources.

  • Florida Division of Corporations
  • Broward County Clerk of Courts
  • CorporationWiki
  • Florida Attorney General Office
  • My phone interviews with various defendants
  • Google search engine research
  • Numerous email complaints and reports I have received
  • Email from O2 Media employee (jhc0615@aol.com)
  • Palm Beach Post newspaper story

I am not trying to be mean here but don’t you think there is something offbase within the organization and/or people you work with? As an outsider looking at this information I have gathered, don’t you think there is something operationally or culturally wrong within your organization that there are so many unhappy people?

It seems to me you want to place blame on my independent reportings and investigative reseach. But has it not occurred to you that there is a LOT of very unhappy people to create all of those complaints and court cases in public records?

To be fair, if there are any factual errors I have made in my reporting, please bring them to my attention and I will correct or remove the inaccuracy. Please understand that I have made every effort to be accurate in my reporting and editorialize responsibly. I have re-read this entire page and I find what I have written to be quite fair to your organization in context of the overwhelming negative information gathered.

If you would like to submit your perspective and position on information I gathered I would be happy to post them.

Regarding your invitation to visit your office, facilities, and staff, I see no benefit in doing so. I assume everyone will be respectful and polite to me. I assume you have well-kept offices and facilities. No one has ever complained about these issues. It is what happens AFTER contracts are signed and monies collected that there seems to be a lot of unhappiness.

As a final statement, I rarely think about this Information Page but periodically I get information from “out of the blue” such as the recent Palm Beach Post newspaper article.

As CEO, I suggest you look at reinventing, retooling, and rebranding your business so that you have a lot fewer unhappy people. Remember, I did not create all the lawsuits filed, disgruntled employees, public records shown, or consumer complaints. I just report them as accurately as I can.


Matthew S. Chan, Publisher


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