Reader Submits Her BrandStar Entertainment Story

I was sent an email which I followed up with a phone conversation. During her 45-minute phone call with a BrandStar rep, she told me how her discussion shifted from a conversational one to a script-reading one. The script-reading process (as told to me) covers a lot of the legalities of what Balancing Act show will do. Most interesting is the amount they asked for. They asked for an upfront amount in the range of $35,000 to $42,000 to be on the Balancing Act show.

I have not seen the show but this person told me that when she watched the show, there is no indication that this is a pay-service.

I have relationships with 2 well-regarded publicists who book clients to TV and radio shows. Guests NEVER pay to be on radio or TV shows. You can read my separate article if you want to find out how to get publicity.


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